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Tuesday, September 15, 2009



MPP-TO-BE 2009/2010

3 & 4 OCTOBER 2009
*not confirmed yet

8.30 PM-11.00 PM
*not confirmed yet



to all mpp candidates. Here are the rules and regulations for the manifesto night :

rule no #1 : DRESS CODE

the theme this year would be CORPORATE STYLE, and you are allowed to wear BLACK and WHITE only

for guys, it is COMPULSORY for you to wear a songkok for BOTH of the nights

please wear appropriate clothing,nothing too controversial alright :)

But it does not mean that everything from head to toe have to be black and white for example spectacles, watch, brooch and etc. The most important is YOUR ATTIRE SHOULD BE BASED ON CORPORATE STYLE THEME an
d must be in BLACK & WHITE.

rule no #2 : FORMING PARTIES

candidates are allowed to form parties among yourselves (please give the party a name, motto, purpose etc.)

each party consists of MPP CANDIDATES ONLY, your supporters will only get to support you from the audience seating alright (please don't get confused)

the number of candidates in each party is unlimited ( but try not to form a party with too many candidates or else some members may be unnoticed by voters)

The parties established are not allowed to develop a develishly controversial stigma against other parties or candidates competed.

All of you are being urged to compete in a professional manner.


each candidate will be given FIVE minutes of speech time, a bell will be rung at the fourth minute as a warning, and will be rung again at the fifth minute. If your speech exceeds more than the time given, you will be asked to leave the stage. Train yourself to be punctual with time management.

when a candidate is delivering his/her speech, the other mpp candidates will be on the stage as well (sitting down on a chair, in a corner, of course).The arrangement will be informed later. Those who are required to deliver the speech on the respective night will sit on the stage whereas those who are not, you will be seated (not on the stage), facing the members of the floor.

the speech can be given either INDIVIDUALLY, or given together with your party. The time allocated for each group speech is according to how many members the party is consist of. Example, if there are five candidates in a party, the maximum time given for your group speech will be 25 minutes, MEANING that each candidate would still get five minutes each.

even if you are apart of a party, the speech can still be given individually. (five minutes maximum)

candidates can choose whatever style you may prefer to deliver your speech to show how you can CONTRIBUTE to the college (example, you can include singing,performing,going down the stage,video presentations, etc and so on to attract voters) OR just a normal speech would be fine as well BUT STILL IN THE ALLOCATED TIME GIVEN.for candidates who are going include video presentations or slides in their presentation, please inform us

DO NOT include any sensitive issues in your speech

Speak and converse in a good manner without using ANY inappropriate languages.

a draft of your speech must be submitted IMMEDIATELY after the raya holidays,that is on the 30th of september to mustaqim imran (mo9k) or sharifah hazirah (mo9b)


after all the candidates have finished giving their speech for the night, a Q & A session will be opened for the audience to ask questions

questions would be filtered first by the SPR BEFORE the mpp candidates are allowed to answer them

candidates are highly recommended to control your emotions during this session as the questions may be a bit challenging and unexpected but don't worry we all know all of you can handle it. :-)

Please answer exactly as what the questions ask. This would help you to instill the confidence in voters to vote for you.

rule no #5 : YOUR SUPPORTERS

your supporters are allowed to bring banners,posters etc during the manifesto night BUT if they litter the hall,or make mess, YOU WILL BE PENALIZED

please remind them not to disgrace the other candidates

if any of these rules are taken lightly, or are not complied to, candidates will BE PENALIZED


we will start the event anyway. with or without you. so please do not be late. your cooperation is very very important to us.

the very best of luck to ALL OF YOU. a leader is being born, right here, right now. It does not matter who wins, and who loses, the most important thing is that all of you are brave enough to take the challenge that not everyone dares to. all the best!

by: SPR KMB 2009


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